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How to choose a perfect domain name for your website

When you want a to choose a domain name for your website or blog, You always look for something unique which can be stressful because you don’t want to make a mistake. Steps that can help you pick the best domain for…

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Reasons to have a personal blog

Why Have a Personal Blog Before starting your personal blog, give thought to: blogging takes hard work to create posts and the discipline to keep publishing on a regular basis. Here are reasons to help you assess your options to have…

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Here are the steps to guide you through the process Before you engage the designer make sure that you have a brief of what you need your design to look like eg:Target Markets which is a particular group of consumers you…

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Understanding how web design & development works in Kenya

In web design & development, Developers have several tools for the project, others for layout, others for programming, and for debugging. All the tools used are very important, from the CMS & Blog platforms to the most insignificant command, and therefore…

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Web design options for Startup businesses

Setting up a business is not a small thing. It is a task which requires a lot. Most startup businesses have a hard time creating a place for themselves. Although there are many reasons for failure, the one that is directly…

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You need a blog

You can create one for yourself with No web design knowledge, though a Web designer can help you launch a successful blog There are situations where a web designer can help you. When you’re launching a new blog, you won’t want…

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How to Avoid Getting Scammed When You Hire a Web Designer Part3

The Seizer:This one has happened to some of my design clients so far. You hire a designer, give access to your site, and suddenly you’re locked out of your site or you find out that there are spam links, malicious code,…

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How to Avoid Getting Scammed When You Hire a Web Designer Part2

The Broken Promises Designer:Your designer promises a Premium design and your website looks more like a Normal standard. Or you pay for a particular theme, then the designer uses a free theme instead and pockets the money. In other words, you…

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How to Avoid Getting Scammed When You Hire a Web Designer Part-1

Some common web design scams and how to avoid them. The Disappearing Designer:You find a designer with good price and a nice portfolio. You email and get a quote and decide to hire the person. Once they receive your deposit, you…

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Are you a victim of a web design scam?

Are you a victim of a web design scam? Got any other tips for vetting designers? Tell us about it in the comments or Email us: – we’d love to hear and publish what you think!

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