How to Avoid Getting Scammed When You Hire a Web Designer Part2

The Broken Promises Designer:
Your designer promises a Premium design and your website looks more like a Normal standard. Or you pay for a particular theme, then the designer uses a free theme instead and pockets the money. In other words, you aren’t getting what you paid for.

Carry out the following:
If a design doesn’t meet your expectations, please address that with the designer before you do anything else. Sometimes communication breakdowns may happen and the designer may be more willing to fix the problem. Be sure to reference specifics from your contract so both parties know what the expectations were versus what you received.

How to avoid this:
Never hire a web designer who doesn’t use some kind of formal contract. For instance, I provide my prospective clients with a detailed quote that lists exactly what elements they’ve requested and what is needed plus the cost. If they accept the quote as is, they agree to the terms and conditions in my page, which outlines details like image copyrights, timelines, and payment. They must agree to those terms via a form and pay a deposit before I schedule their projects. I have most of my client’s
questions answered in my blog posts and FAQs page.

ALWAYS purchase any themes, fonts, graphics, etc. yourself if at all possible and or by the help of the designer. That way you will have access to support and updates instead of depending on your designer to provide them if you don’t have a maintenance contract with the designer. You’ll also have possession of your files if you end up hiring someone else.

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