How to choose a perfect domain name for your website

When you want a to choose a domain name for your website or blog, You always look for something unique which can be stressful because you don’t want to make a mistake.

Steps that can help you pick the best domain for your website or blog.

There are plenty of domain extensions available today in the world wide web (www), from the original .com, .net and .org to new extensions like .info, .photography, and .blog.

I always recommend choosing a .com domain name unless otherwise

It is tempting to come up with clever blog names using new extensions, .com is still the most established and credible domain name extension.

Newer domain extensions like .info or .photography don’t seem trustworthy.

‘.com’ domains are also the most memorable. Many internet users will automatically type “.com” at the end of every domain without thinking about it.

If your website is something like, and your users accidentally type in, they will end up on an error page on website.

It’s smart to avoid that risk by sticking with .com.

Further more, most smartphone keyboards/ dictionaries automatically have a .com button.

Make Your Domain Name Shorter

Don’t go overboard with long domain name. It’s better to have a domain name that’s short as possible and memorable.

I recommend a domain name under 14 characters. Longer domains are harder for users to remember. Also, users will be more prone to entering typing errors with longer domain names which can lead to traffic loss.

So it is a good idea to keep your domain length short.

Make Your Domain Name Easy to Pronounce or Spell

It should be easy to share your domain name when speaking or writing. Because you might be asked to share your domain name in person.

If you’re planning to use your domain name to create a professional business email, then definitely it should be easy to understand and spell for anyone.

Never use Hyphens in Domain Name

Avoid hyphens in a domain name, they can be a sign of spam domains which you do not want to be associated with. If the domain name you already want is taken, then decide to use hyphens, your users will likely end up at your competitor’s site if they forget to type in the hyphen or typo errors.

Research Your Domain Name

Before registering a domain name, find out if there is already a registered business using the same name.

Never use Double Letters

Domains with doubled letters increases your chances of losing traffic to typing errors by users. For example, a domain like will attract more typing errors by user, and result in lost traffic.

Use good Keywords in Your Domain Name Search

Keywords play a big role in a domain. By using keywords in your domain name, you inform search engines what your website is about. Also, with quality content and good user experience, keywords in your domain can help you rank higher in Google.

It is hard to find a good domain with your target keywords, You will have to be creative with your keywords and other words to make your domain stand out.

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