Why no one can manage technology projects

Technology projects fail the most:
IT projects are so difficult to manage. Surveys done world wide found that all the average IT project overran their budgets by 25%. Moreover, at least one in seven IT projects turns into a ‘black swan’ with a cost overrun of almost 200% and a schedule overrun of 80%. While most IT projects will fall short of their budget targets, a few might overshoot the targets so much as to cause catastrophic organisational problems. 15%% of IT projects can go so bad that they can threaten the very existence of a company.

Softwares aren’t the answer to manage technology projects, Companies whose projects fail all the time always use project management softwares, To manage technology projects the answer is not better software. These tools are just that, and sometimes all they do is make it easier for project managers to track their failures.

Get a good Consultant
A consultant can help, especially if they’re willing to speak truth to client, but many of them worry as much about keeping their contracts in place. Poorly Defined project Objectives are conceived by people and scope creep is caused by people. All of the software and tools in the world will not save project management. We can implement project management software, we can train, we can hire consultants to tell us how to manage our most precious projects, and we’ll still fail unless we focus on the real reasons why so many projects fail.

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