Difference between a blog and a Typical website


What is a Blog?
A blog is a website type where its content is presented in reverse order (newer content appear first). Blog content is usually in the form of entries or “blog posts.” Typical websites are static where content is organized in pages and is not updated frequently. Whereas a blog is dynamic and is usually updated pretty often.

What is a Websites?
A website is a collection of webpages and multimedia content that are all collated under one domain. Domain names are hosted over web hosting servers which allow pages and content to be added and accessed over the World Wide Web.
Websites are used for different purposes: business, personal, educational and even governments agencies. The website objective is to provide information to audiences, a sort of an online brochure for a company or organization. 

How is a Blog Different from a Website?
A blog is a type of website. The only difference is that blogs’ contents are frequently updated and websites are organized into pages and tend to be much more static. 

A blog can also be a website on its own or a part of a bigger website. Most companies have begun using blogs to keep their customers up-to-date with events and product updates, and to keep users engaged. Their content is written and updated regularly in blog format, but they also have static pages like our “about us” page.

Web platforms and technologies that run blogs
Popular blogging platforms for 2020
There are free and paid platforms for websites and blogging

Free with paid packages Blogging platforms
• Blogger
• Squarespace
• Wix
• Weebly

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