5 reasons why you should establish an Agreement with your designer or clients:

Agreements set expectations

They define the scope of work, timelines, and other terms before the work starts and reduce the chances of a dispute.

Agreements establish when you want to give the payment or receive your work

The Payment term defined in the Agreement helps align the work delivery from the designer with a delivery and payment schedule.

Agreements offer payment and work delivery protection

In your agreement if you opt for payment services (From banks or other financial institutions) that are activated in a turn-key solution where technical excellence isn’t compromised, you can feel secure that funds are available and that payment will be made once the work is delivered.

Agreements helps keep you and your hired-hand informed

This applies to both parties, The Status Updates feature in the Agreement helps both parties keep updates on the job progress.

This plays a key role in Arbitration

In case of a dispute, the Agreement is the reference point for the Arbitrators and impacts the decision of the case.

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