Who is a web designer and what is his role?

It is mainly related to the styling and layout of pages with content on a website,

What do web designers do?
preparing a design plan and the website structure

deciding the branding, text, colors and backgrounds to use laying out pages interfaces for the website appearance adding multimedia features like sound, animation and video Testing and improving the User Interface design Publishing the website Live.

Depending on the project a web designer is entitled to managing updating and maintenance of the websites designed

Requirements to become a web designer
Not all designer have qualifications so you don't need that to become one, however you must have experiences in other types of design.

Also you need to show evidence of your creativity and technical skills, knowledge of HTML, and  experience of writing web pages in a combination of codes. It could be useful if you have a working knowledge of some of the following design and programming tools:

- Adobe Dreamweaver
- Adobe animate/ Flash
- Javascript
- Photoshop
- PHP(Server side language)

Education requirements can vary, but web designers can get entry-level work with a Diploma, an associate's degree or Bachelor's degrees provide students with an expanded and advanced skill set that can lead to better job prospects or career advancement.

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