What is Website Design?

Web design encompasses many different skills, disciplines and  aspects in the production and maintenance, Web design is the process of creating websites, their layouts, content production and graphic design. 


Websites are created using a markup language called HTML. Web designers build webpages using HTML tags that define the content and metadata of each page. The layout and appearance of the elements within a webpage are defined using CSS (cascading style sheets). Most websites include a combination of HTML and CSS that defines how all page will appear in a browser. 


Some web designers prefer to hand code pages (typing HTML and CSS from scratch), while others use a "What You See Is What You Get," editor like Adobe Dreamweaver. This type of editor provides a visual interface for designing the webpage layout and the software automatically generates the corresponding HTML and CSS code. Another popular way to design websites is with a content management system. These services provide different website templates that can be used as a starting point for a new website. Then content can be added and layout customised using a web-based interface. 


While HTML and CSS are used for the design, look and feel of a website, images are created separately. Mostly graphic design overlaps with web design, since graphic designers often create images for use on the Web. Graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop also include a "Save for Web” option that provides an easy way to export images in a format optimized for web publishing.

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