First logo design was done in ancient Greece. They would use coins that were monogrammed by the high-powered rulers.
In this times logos were used as a method of organizing society and it can be argued that logos still organise and give businesses their brand identity today. Logos are used on merchandise for products and customers to wear as a status symbol.

The other generation, which resembles modern logos was first seen in the 13th century. Potters, stonemasons and goldsmiths would imprint their logos as an identity of their craftsmanship. Branding was becoming more important as businesses wanted to stand out by using unique expressive typefaces (Logos).

Types of Logos

    •    Wordmarks or logotypes are freestanding word or multi-letter abbreviations comprising a logo. E.g eBay, IBM, Google.

    •    Letterform logos are comprised of a single letter. Like Honda and Unilever

    •    Pictorial logos are illustrated symbols of recognizable things, like Twitter.

    •    Abstract logos don’t represent anything otherwise recognizable, like Nike.

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