What to know before owning a website

  • Aim of your website

Is to inform people that your business exists and encourage them to get in touch?

Is it to sell your products online?

Is it to showcase your creative work?

Having a clear focus will help you as well as your visitors. 

  • Research more

Look and Identify other websites in your field. those you like and their style, layout and design that works for you.


  • Get to Know your target market

Clarify early as it will affect your theme, design, content, usability, networking efforts and search engine optimisation, everything revolves around your target market.


  • Choose your domain name wisely

Pick a short, easy to memorable name that reflects the nature of your site. It’s hard to change it later, so you should get it right.


  • Design and layout

Having done your research, you’ll hopefully already have a design style you want to go for. Try creating a mockup layout to see how your ideas come together on a page.


  • keywords / search terms for your audience (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation is going to play a big part in attracting people to your website. As well as incorporating keywords or search terms that your audience are likely to search on Google, you need to provide the search engines with a succinct explanation of what those visitors will find when they get there.


  • Get your content and images ready

Get the Content and images you want to use ready. It’ll save you a lot of time when it comes to pulling your pages together.


A well-built website:


  1. Loads fast. This means getting a good host and optimizing your site and images

  2. Is easy to find in search engines (SEO )

  3. Is easy to share on social media

  4. Is easy to remember when the domain name is short 

  5. Is responsive.

  6. Is secure. Google even ranks sites that use HTTPS higher now. Your site and customers will benefit from this change. Keep your data safe!

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