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FAQs you need addressed?

Lots of my clients asked the questions below on this page, I have addressed some of the questions for you! Any other left behind kindly get intouch with me!

Web Hosting Frequently Asked Question
Q: How much does web hosting cost?

I have two simplified packages for hosting, corporate & SME. Corporate goes for KES 4000.00/- per year (1 website, 30gb & 10 Email Addresses). SME goes for KES 2000.00/- Per year (1gb, with Unlimited Email Accounts).

Q: How does the whole web design process work?

A: never fear, that’s why I am here. Tell me the nature of your business We agree on a mockup design showcase We do revisions as per what you want You get the proper domain name you want You give 60% payment to facilitate commencement You give me all the content you want to be on website. I begin the process.



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