Portrait paintings date back to at least 5,000 years though ancient native Africans and ancient Egypt also practiced artistry, where the art form is said to have originated. Painting is not the only way an artist can create portraits. Sculptures, photos and drawings are also considered portraits as long as it aims to illustrate the expression and likeness or mood of an artist.

conventional visual art to digital art. From graphics designs to 3D printing, technology has changed and shaped visual art. With technology opening more doors towards exploring the creative vacuum, modern technology has changed the way an artist works. Artists used clay, cements and paints as mediums for their art pieces but now things have changed, the modern artists make use of software, digital art tools and imaging techniques to create and design their masterpiece.

Some of the modern visual artists use 3D effects to transform and shape in their creative ideas to art. Advanced techniques and software lets an artist shape in their vision and use up their creativity to create much more realistic art works compared to old traditional techniques. Artists must learn to match up to the current rise of technological advancement to adapt and train themselves towards using technological tools in order to edge-up their skill and release creativity to works effectively and innovatively.