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I Alfred Atsaba began as a fine artist Got inspired by the work I do and saw potential in doing more and focused on crafting great web experiences. Graphic designing and (fine arts) portraiture have been my passion. I found myself in graphic design in 2007 and web design in 2012. I enjoy creating beautifully designed, intuitive and functional websites.

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Why a Freelancer?

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Web Development

For responsive, Mobile friendly website design with upto date technology at a best rate.

Creative Design

Best in simple elegant and upmarket logo design, best suitable for corporate identity

Fine Arts

Portrait & abstract arts hand paintings, oil on Canvas, On board and on walls at a friendly Rate.

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Website Design
Domain Name
Responsive web design
Social Media intergration
3 Months Support
Social Media Management
/- monthly
Social Media Calender
Creatives design
Social Media Strategy
Content Creation
GRaphic Design
Logo Design
Brand Stationery
Book Covers

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Am am Expert in Fine arts, graphic and web design

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Business Visibility

increasing visibility, brand recognition, and conversion rates.

Standards Compliance

help you form a good impression on your prospective customers

perception for customer support

If your website is intense and inviting, your target market will feel welcome

Accessibility to larger audiences

It ensures that many people can access content as possible and have equal access to your business

Providing Top-Quality Fine arts, Graphic Design & Web Design

We have advanced skills and ample resources to create large-scale solutions as well as guide startups from idea to profit.

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